Create Your Destiny

5 Day Training

We are all Geniuses possessed of God-like Manifesting Potential. The purpose of this 5 Day Training is to connect you with your Creative Power and provide techniques for compelling end results that you truly desire. The choices that you make is what determines the outcomes in your life, and Create Your Destiny.

Create your Destiny is going to serve you in having real choice, focusing on true end results that lead to you creating what is most meaningful and satisfying to you in life. You will learn that for the vast majority of people the meaning of their lives is resolving their identity, which is the source of all human suffering, but you will be trained in moving beyond that to creating what you love.

Essentially you are being informed by two different aspects of your consciousness, or mind, if you will.

The Unconscious and the Super Conscious. Your Unconscious makes you see things from the point of your limiting beliefs, and is reliant only on your past experience for how it processes reality and shapes your approach to life. Your Super Conscious is connected to everything through all time and space. It is your Genius, gathering it’s perspective from beyond experience and just what your five senses tell you. It makes connections that aren’t normally made, offers you inspired perspectives, and expands your possibilities.

Create your Destiny empowers you with true choice, and is the foundation of Creative Mastery.