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We connect people with their personal, authentic Genius. When individuals consistently live from a High Level Creative Frequency, three phenomenal BENEFITS naturally occur…Wholeness, Success and Contribution.




Operating from your Genius means rising above your limited sense of self to a state of connection with your highest nature and potential. Connection to the Creative Self neutralizes the sense of incompleteness born of your limited beliefs and leads to a more grounded, healthy and positive state of being.




SUCCESS…Genius is not merely a function of mechanical intelligence; it really is a Creative Spirit that functions beyond your rational faculties. When you are attuned to the frequency of your Genius it subconsciously sets up the conditions for brilliant outcomes in all areas of your life, and then reveals to your self-conscious the pathway to achieving those results. It is a twofold joy, to experience the thrill of exercising your creative power, and to manifest a destiny beyond your wildest expectations.




CONTRIBUTION…No man or woman is an island. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves, and instinctively we yearn to benefit the environment and community we belong to. The beauty of living at a High Level Creative Frequency is that what you act in favor of, and your actions themselves, automatically take into account the highest good of everything you are connected to, and what benefits you is Universally beneficial, and what serves you also serves the Whole that you belong to. In truth, there is no stand that we can make that is nobler than to manifest our highest creative potential.




We serve people in living life on a High Level Creative Frequency. Through our introductory and advanced educational trainings and coaching programs we can support you in your journey to achieving and sustaining your full creative potential. Whether you consider yourself a mere beginner or well advanced on the path of creative mastery, we have the perfect step you can take to your next level of empowerment. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be creating brilliant results in all areas of your life, and enjoying the benefits of Natural Success…Wholeness, Success and Contribution.




There is an obvious correspondence between levels of creativity and levels of success and commensurate reward…applying to every area of life.

  • Unskilled Imitation
  • Skilled Imitation
  • Low Level Derivative
  • High Level Derivative
  • Innovative/Inventive
  • Genius




At Natural Success we believe that everyone has a personal style of Genius, and that it is easily within the reach of every human being to attain the highest level of creative empowerment.

Here are some examples of Genius:

  • Artistic Genius – Andy Warhol
  • Inventive Genius – Nikola Tesla
  • Visionary/Strategic Genius – Steve Jobs
  • Theoretical Genius – Albert Einstein
  • Tech Genius – Elon Musk
  • Social Genius – Nelson Mandela
  • Empathetic Genius – Mother Theresa
  • Intuitive Genius – William Blake
  • Musical Genius – Michael Jackson
  • Business Genius – Richard Branson
  • Media Genius – Oprah Winfrey


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