The Secrets Of Natural Success

Five Steps To Unlocking Your Genius

About ‘Secrets Of Natural Success’: Best-selling author and Creative Development
trainer William Whitecloud presents a highly original insight into how your level of
creativity determines your level of natural success in life, and a step-by-step guide to unlocking and applying the dormant genius within each of us.

Secrets Of Natural Success is an astonishing journey through the realms of consciousness responsible for the realities and outcomes you experience in life, and explains how to align yourself with those aspects guaranteed to deliver the end results you prefer.

Covering themes as diverse as the creative nature of consciousness, unconscious belief systems, personality types, perception vs. intuition, imagination, conscious choice and the role of conflict and emotion in creative awareness and follow through, the book brings together a phenomenally thorough and effective model for accessing your latent power and directing it
in creating a life beyond belief.

A practical and dazzling course in self-made miracles … nails the metaphysics of creating.
Barnet Bain

The Last Shaman

The Last Shaman is a riveting and emotional ride through the jungles of war torn Africa, imparting an inspirational model for raising your consciousness in line with your highest potential.

Lead character Mark Vale, who represents any of us struggling to take consistent ownership of our creative lives, takes an unwanted journey to find, and save, the last shaman who is responsible for ending the war and saving thousands of lives . His journey starts with the mysterious Mona Lisa of Africa and ends with his initiation in the other worldly Field of Dreams.

All throughout Mark learns from a colorful array of characters, including a Doctor of Philosophy exiled in the swamps, a shape-shifting sorceress and the widow of a tribal scout, who teach him to commit completely to the desires of his soul – and how that commitment enables him to create in a way that uplifts not only himself, but also the whole world that he is a part of.

Perhaps more incredible than anything is the story’s transformational power. As you lose yourself in the adventure, you will find that you are being taken along on the same journey to meet your Soul Self.

The Magicians Way

What it really takes to find your treasure

The new international edition of Australia’s number one best selling metaphysical book…

Discover the Gold in Your Life! This is what every sane person is looking for! The Magician’s Way changes the life of everyone who reads it…

Readers quickly see why things haven’t worked for them in the past, or how they could get even more out of what is already working for them.

You will see that this book has enlightened and made a difference in the lives of many people already successful in their own right: sports people, writers, investors, entrepreneurs, life coaches, healers and spiritual teachers.

Do not hesitate to buy yourself a copy of this book. It is pure gold! By simply reading an engaging story about an unlikely hero in search of the seven secrets of magic, you will absorb the most practical and useable wisdom you have ever come across. These are insights that you can immediately apply to creating a whole new world of possibility for yourself.

“Absolutely mind blowing…Highly recommended.”
~The Art of Healing magazine

“I love this book! It’s a riveting tale that opens your heart while engaging your mind. It contains REAL magic!”
~Dr. Joe Vitale, author, The Attractor Factor

“The Magician’s Way is a rare gem that is entertaining, fun, enlightening and inspiring. Beautifully written too. I recommend it highly.”
~Robert Scheinfeld, New York Times bestselling author of Busting Loose From The Money Game