Ever heard of the “Outside Event”?

If you've read The Last Shaman by yours truly you will have. But for you stubborn hold-outs who haven't, an "Outside Event" is something that seemingly randomly and unavoidably "happens" that you perceive you have to deal with as a priority over, and at the expense of, some end result you are in...

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The Most Powerful Person in the World

Every year Forbes Magazine lists its most powerful people in the world. Always topping the list are characters like Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump, followed by the usual list of superpower leaders,...

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The Short Story of Emotions

Emotions - what their purpose is and how to use them to evolve to a new level of power and fulfilment. I used to be like virtually everyone else on Planet Earth. Whatever I felt, I thought was real....

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The True Art of Manifestation

Here's the brutal truth: A vision of what you want won’t by itself lead to you having it.And here's why: End Results, positive or negative, are determined by the action taken towards them.  As an...

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What happened to the truth?

It’s very interesting that of all the attitudes and values espoused in personal and spiritual development and healing modalities, such as forgiveness and gratitude and vulnerability, you don't hear...

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Viva La Evolution!

Sunday morning and here I am lying in bed...pondering the failure of education. The word education derives from the Latin to bring forth, draw out of, which surely implies that there is something...

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