In this video, we’re discussing the ongoing stagnation and despondency in people’s lives because of the misconceived notion that clearing blocks and beliefs, and all other manners of fixing, is what it takes to create what you want in life.

The determinant of what you create in your life is actually your focus. If you focus on your sense of limitation you will create more of that, and if you focus on what you love you will create more of that, too.

Hit play and hear me break it down for you. I’d love everyone in the world to know that, when it comes to manifesting what they love, they are fine as they are. Your past, your experience, your beliefs, your current situation, none of these are an impediment to you having your life be how you want it to be.

The real impediment is ignorance of the true principles of creating, applied by the great creators through all the ages.

William Whitecloud

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