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Best Kept Secret on the Planet

You Can Have What You Love

“That’s not a secret,” I hear you say, “I’ve heard that a million times.”

But just because you’ve heard something, it doesn’t mean you’ve realized it…doesn’t mean you’ve acted on it and manifested it as a reality.

In the East, they have a saying, “To know and not do is still not to know.”

My life’s work is about creating what I love and supporting others in having the same, so maybe I’m more conscious of what people say they want, and I can tell you that mostly what people say they want and what they actually give themselves is very different.

I hear them say, “Oh, I would love to go there…I would love to do that… if I could have whatever I wished I wouldn’t be here doing this, I’d be there doing that…If I had the time you’d see me…If I had the money…can you take me in your suitcase, please…”

People constantly reveal what they love, but they are not DEDICATED to letting themselves have what they love. Because they haven’t twigged to the best kept secret on the planet: YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU LOVE.

Instead, they operate by looking at their heart’s desire as if it’s some kind of mirage that appears for no good reason other than to torture them. They compare the mirage to where they see themselves being presently, to their circumstances; they calculate the possibility of themselves having it based on their perception of their current reality.

The inability to UNDERSTAND HOW they can have what they love causes them to abandon the desire for it, even the hope for it. Which then conditions their subconscious in the assumption that they can’t have anything they love, so they actually stop looking to see how they can have what they love.

Powerful creators, people who consistently go for what they love and manifest it, aren’t just lucky. Nor do they necessarily know something others don’t. The difference is they take note of what they say they would love – there is nothing idle in their relationship to their dreams – and they are DEDICATED to having what their hearts fancy.

The curious thing is that nothing comes from “waiting to see” if something will work out or whether it’s possible or not. The possibility of any end result is most often realized once there is a commitment to it, once it has been formalized as a choice.

That’s how our minds work. The resultant tension created by the discrepancy between where we are and where we want to be triggers a creative process that works on discovering and attracting pathways to, and resources needed for, what we want.

It’s a question of DEDICATION, of course: whether a person is truly dedicated to their heart…or dedicated to the easy way out, as they imagine it to be.

Creative Warrior – Are You a Grad?

If you are a graduate of Creative Warrior, you will recall the powerful teachings that have already set you on the path to living your highest potential.

Here’s the good news – if you completed the course (Creative Warrior) within the last 5 years and would like to repeat it, you’re eligible for a 75% discount.

This training dives deep into the relationship dynamics, transformative structures, and choice-making skills that are essential for living in the creative orientation.

Creative Warrior is a 4-day immersion in the science of the determinants of success and failure, as well as being a forum for instruction in the basics of transformational facilitation and coaching.

This training reveals structure as the true determinant of whatever outcomes we experience in life and teaches participants not only how to identify the structures underlying what isn’t working in their lives, but how they can approach whatever they are creating in their lives in a way that will tend to guarantee success.

Repeating the training reinforces these vital concepts and helps solidify your understanding and application of these advanced principles of creating. Each iteration of the course reveals new layers of insight, anchoring you in your ability to live as an expression of your highest potential.

If you’d love to repeat Creative Warrior, run by me online over 4 days, please contact our Support Desk at:


If you haven’t completed Creative Warrior before and are interested in enrolling, you must have completed Create Your Destiny as a prerequisite.

Course Details:


   Dates: 12th to 15th September 2024
    Times: 9 AM to 5:30 PM Sydney Time


Dates: 10th to 13th October 2024
Times: 12 PM to 8.30 PM UK Time

A Story of Creating – Meet Theresa Fitzgerald

Prior to embarking on a transformative journey by applying what I learnt in the Natural Success programs, I grappled with health challenges, enduring debilitating fatigue and various physical setbacks that left me emotionally and physically drained. Struggling with diminished energy, cognitive fog, and a delicate nervous system, I found myself easily going into overwhelm and anxiety.

Despite gradual improvements over a period of 2 years, my enthusiasm for pursuing my dreams waned, leading me to let go of my coaching business after a 10-year endeavour. Convinced that a simple life and a quiet existence as a writer were my only options, I had resigned myself to forsaking ambitious aspirations.

However, in the wake of the global pandemic in 2020, an opportunity presented itself through the online offering of the Create Your Destiny program by William. Having been drawn to his insightful social media posts, I decided to enrol, as I was curious to learn more about the teachings.

The foundational program was mind-blowing, and I experienced a profound resonance with the teachings, aligning with the intuitive wisdom I had cultivated over 25 years of dedicated self-realization. However, despite my diligent efforts, including manifestation practices and addressing limiting beliefs, I had struggled to establish a sustainable income in the coaching business, despite investing over $100K in business mentoring, programs, and marketing.

The pivotal shift occurred when I continued with the advanced courses and realized that creating is structural, and not personal! The Creative Warrior Program really brought light into the power of creative structure and a deep understanding that it doesn’t matter what my circumstances are, if I have a creative-orientated structure in place and maintain my highest creative frequency using the tools that we learn, that my desired outcome is inevitable.

So, in essence, my state of health wasn’t a barrier to living my dreams anymore.

Engaging directly with William as my coach marked a turning point, providing me with a unique and genuine connection that delved into the depths of my heart and truth —a level of understanding I naturally extend to others.

Initiating new visionary choices, I rebuilt from ground zero and successfully developed a multi-six-figure coaching business within 18 months. Remarkably, achieving a milestone of a $120K month within seven months, all without succumbing to the pressures of hustling.

Moreover, applying the Natural Success principles, premises and methodology, I have improved my health and well-being and now revel in the freedom of time, travelling globally, having quality time with my grandchildren, and enjoying the pursuit of my writing endeavours.

Living a location-free lifestyle which was something I had dreamt of for years, I am contributing my unique genius and magic to the world through mentoring, speaking, retreats, and writing. My heart is overflowing with fulfilment, as I embrace the limitless possibilities and experiences that are unfolding in my life.

After being in the healing and transformational industries for decades, I can honestly say that the Natural Success programs are not only empowering, but if you learn and apply the methodology, principles, and premises, you will never need to purchase another personal development program ever again.

Thank you for being a part of the world’s #1 Creative Orientation community…. Keep in touch and know that we love you! ❤

Love and magic

William Whitecloud

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