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  • Tiffany’s Story of Global Impact
  • Happy Easter Holiday

Create Your Destiny

Discover the Power of Egoic Neutralisation

When 2020 threw us into a whirlwind of the pandemic, I decided to share the profound teachings of Create Your Destiny (CYD) for free. It was my way of contributing to society and demonstrating the power of creating what we want in life, regardless of the world turning upside down outside.

However, with the pandemic now firmly behind us and tens of thousands having transformed their lives through CYD, Natural Success is ready to resume its standard operations. In this spirit of transition, I’m delighted to extend an invitation for you to experience CYD, one last time, on the house.
If you’ve been spinning your wheels, working hard but not seeing the breakthroughs you yearn for, there’s a deeper story. True creation is not just about effort; it’s about understanding and dismantling the unseen barriers in our way.

It’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of limited returns because of a fundamental misunderstanding of creation. Our efforts get hijacked by the ego, leading us down paths that don’t serve our deepest desires.

At the heart of countless approaches to self-improvement is a missing piece: the necessity of neutralizing the ego. Without addressing this, we focus on limitations rather than possibilities, reinforcing walls instead of walking through them.

This is where the Egoic Neutralization Process comes in. Exclusive to Create Your Destiny, this method reconnects you with your innate power to create, free from the constraints of the ego. It’s about turning creation into a natural flow, guiding you effortlessly towards the life you truly desire.

Join me for a 5-day live online journey into the heart of your creative genius. Discover the foundation of creative mechanism and the practices that have transformed so many lives, making the act of creating what you truly yearn for not just possible but also natural.

I ran the Australian CYD earlier this month – it was a blast! A big thank you to those who attended.

UK/Europe/USA CYD will run: April 10th – 14th | 12 PM – 8:30 PM UK Time (for those living in the US it is 8 am – 4.30 PM EST)

For newcomers: Experience Create Your Destiny for free by registering here.


For those registering for a third time or more – please register here.


*Free for new participants only. Fees apply for those registering for the 3rd time or more.

Important to note: If you’ve already placed yourself on the waiting list for the UK/EU CYD, please remember that an additional step is required to secure your spot. You must officially register for the course to complete your enrolment. Without this, your booking is not complete, and you will miss out on this transformative journey. Click on the appropriate link above to proceed with your registration. 

From Self-Proclaimed Doormat to Global CEO

Tiffany  Bowtell’s Story

Tiffany Bowtell, CEO and founder of the internationally successful property management company PMVA (Property Management Virtual Assistants) was not always as courageous, driven, and focused as she is today. Previously describing herself as a “doormat,” she embarked on an astonishing transformation, breaking free from the patterns that once influenced and constrained her life.

Growing up and into her adult life, she constantly sought approval, surrendering her power to employers, friends, and boyfriends. Deep within, she wanted to shatter this cycle of pleasing others, craving a life filled with zest and purpose, as she always felt there was more to life than what she was experiencing.

It all changed for Tiffany when she encountered Natural Success – once Tiffany learned how to neutralise the ego using our framework, there was not much standing in the way of her dreams.

Tiffany had an epiphany that she wanted to inspire, educate and motivate young people.

Despite her fears that nobody would listen, she did not buy into what her ego was telling her and started a training consulting business in real estate. In her own words, by using the principles she learnt from Natural Success she began to see results. She even became a popular keynote speaker.

Tiffany also built her business – PMVA, a global company revolutionizing real estate and growing her company from 10 to nearly 200 employees. This global enterprise has been a massive success, helping real estate professionals leverage virtual teams to grow their rent rolls and sell more properties.

Even Tiffany’s employees, who were once ensnared in the grips of poverty, are now realizing and manifesting their own dreams too – purchasing homes, cars and building their futures.

Using the creative mechanism taught by Natural Success, Tiffany embraced her true potential, stepping out from the shadows to inspire, educate, and lead.

Tiffany’s journey demonstrates the profound impact of learning to neutralise the ego and empower her life. Her story shows us that it’s never too late to redefine oneself, to create a life born of your own design rather than settling for existing conditions. So as Tiffany says, ‘Say yes and figure out how later’.

Watch Tiffany’s video below to learn more about her incredible transformation:


Easter Holiday

While traditionally rooted in religious observances, the essence of Easter can be seen as a universal celebration of life, growth, and the magic that surrounds us every day.

It is a good reminder of the incredible power we hold within ourselves—the power to create what we truly want, and be in charge of shaping our own destinies.

Through our focus and using the creative structure, we can create our reality every day and experience life how we’d love it to be as opposed to falling into the traps of our unconscious mind driven by the ego.

Let’s use this Easter holiday as a reminder to go to the next level in our lives, to nurture our dreams, and to manifest all that our hearts desire.

Happy Easter Holiday!

Thank you for being a part of the world’s #1 Creative Orientation community…. Keep in touch and know that we love you! ❤

Love and magic

William Whitecloud

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