“First, the being within: that means you are not just a carcass with some grey matter computing the most logical way to survive. There’s a spirit inside, a pure creative spirit connected to everything through all time and space. This essence has a destiny, a purpose to fulfil, and many gifts and talents that support the expression of that nature. This is our greatness. The ability to own what we truly exist to serve, and the actualization of that, defines our personal sovereignty.

The vehicle we enter is our ego. The body, the mind, the feelings – it’s all the ego. The ego is our vehicle, but especially the vehicle of orientation. It wants to know, how do we operate here in this three-dimensional reality? It is dedicated to the assumption that there is some way it is here – a way that things are – and, thereby, some way we need to be here. Of course, this is the fundamental flaw in our unconscious logic, but very important for creating separation.

Third, all things are conscious. Everything is alive, even the rocks and water and the stars. We are all one in the sea of life, one in consciousness. Nothing ever dies; things only ever change. There’s a root substance to everything, and at that substantial level there is no separation of time or space or knowledge. Everything is connected.

So how does the ego learn how it is here and how to be here? Very clever, the ego, like a genius.

It looks for validation of its pure creative nature from the mother and the father. So you remember what the Mayans said? When you are a baby, you look for nurturing from your mother. You want to know that you can love and be loved, that you have worth, that you belong. Then when you start to walk and run, you look to your father for acknowledgment. You want to know that he sees your spirit and approves of your actions to bring it into the world. 

So you want this validation very badly, but there is no such thing as pure parenting. Somehow, you are not going to be met according to who you know yourself to be and how you expect that love and validation to happen. Now somewhere deep inside, you feel hurt and you want to know what causes this pain. So you explain it to yourself. You make decisions. You create definition and meaning. ‘My mother doesn’t love me when I’m trouble for her – I’m unworthy; I mustn’t trouble others’ – something like that. Or maybe, ‘My father doesn’t take notice of me unless I am the best at what I do – I’m not good enough unless I beat everyone at whatever I do.’

All the time the ego is making up rubbish, beliefs that are not true. ‘I’m not safe,’ ‘I’m powerless,’ ‘I’m unworthy,’ ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I’m not perfect,’ ‘I don’t belong,’ ‘I’m not capable, and so on and so on. Things just happen and we think those things…we take it that it means something about us. To fix the pain we feel when we are babies, we make up things that end up making us suffer for the rest of our lives.” 

William Whitecloud

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