No matter how well you can swim, if you’re swimming against the current, or rip as we say in Australia, you’re not going to go anywhere fast.

In terms of consciousness there are certain misconceptions that will impede your personal growth and success as surely as any rip in the sea, no matter your gifts, talents, abilities or drive and determination. Chief among these misconceptions are…

TENSION IS BAD. Tension is in fact an essential creative force, as well as a powerful tool for self-awareness.

YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND AND HAVE EVERYTHING WORKED OUT. In truth, not knowing is the starting point of super conscious wisdom.

CONDITIONS HAVE THE POWER, NOT YOU. In fact you always have the power, including the power to give conditions the power. 

If you want to be free, notice the existential rules that the general population live by, and throw them away. 


William Whitecloud

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