The average person, sadly, only has a relationship with their identity, and thereby their own sense of limitation. They’re identified with their separate, mechanical, chemical nature. And society only encourages them in that view of themselves. As mythology reminds us, Hobbits don’t want any other Hobbit to leave the Shire. So not only do most people believe what they feel is wrong with them, they also believe that it can only be fixed by means of mechanical and chemical tampering, which can even include belief clearing techniques, as they put the power in belief structures.

But, as I learned, when you face what you believe about yourself, discover what is higher within yourself, and put the power in the higher through your self-conscious focus, lo and behold, your whole experience of life can change very magically. That is what turned my life around and allowed me to live my life more as an expression of my potential, rather than as a victim of my belief system. And I’ve seen countless other people achieve the same by the same shift in consciousness.

Emotions are a very powerful force. When any emotion has the power, it will drive your perception of reality and what you have to do about it.

For example, the feeling of depression might direct you to give up in defeat. And by the way, trying to override that emotion will only give it more power. But when you feel some sense of inspiration, that emotion will put you in an inspired state of mind and lead you to inspired action.

The Alchemists talk about using the higher vibration against the lower vibration, and I’m convinced they’re talking about emotion. When you are empowered to see what is going on for you both at the level of lower emotion AND at the level of higher emotion, it is then possible to self-consciously choose which emotion you want to have the power, which emotion you want your subconscious to take its cues from.

Training and practice in this ability leads to true transformation, a condition facilitated by a power greater than what we will ever likely understand. Which is why we call it magic, I guess. When we are empowered to leave the Shire, we cease to be so subject to the mechanical nature of the Universe, and wondrously take part in the mystical nature of Life.

William Whitecloud

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