For those who can handle the truth here it is…You are a being of light. That is the most accurate way of describing who you really are. 

Like the light of day you are connected to everything through all time and space and that is the basis of your creative power, your genius. But in order to have an individual experience of existence you have taken on an illusion of separation. Your identity is a cloak of thoughts and feelings born of your limiting beliefs that you cover your light with so that you can maintain the illusion of separation. 

Most people spend their life in that layer of identity, their cloak of illusion which covers their light. Their politics are formed in that layer they mistake for them self, their spirituality is formed in that layer, their holidays are planned from there, their causes are shaped by it and so are their biases. In fact, the fate they confuse for their destiny is all a product of that layer, that cloak that hides their light from them. 

It is possible, though, to pull the veil back and experience your own light, to see things from a connected, genius perspective. It’s an experience and a view free of your wounds and reflected pain, encompassing your inherent nature of oneness, of everyone and everything’s divinity, and the infinite potential that goes with it. 

It is our choice whether we will identify with the light or the dark, which by the way is our own and nobody else’s. Make no mistake, it doesn’t matter how righteous or pure or decent or well-intentioned you think you are, what you contribute from your cloak of illusion, you add to the unified illusion, you lend power to the dark side. 

It is possible to lift up the cloak, to stop identifying with what you hang onto as your reality, and come back to your light. As in that David Byrne song, “Welcome to my spaceship, it’s beautiful for ever, right here where you left her.” 

On this path you need not seek the confirmation of like minded victims for reassurance of your sense of separation...

The solutions can never be in fixing your imagined pain which you see reflected all about you. It only creates real pain, struggle, suffering. It is available, though, to reassume your true nature, your creative power, and know that it’s all okay, and pick up on the path that is yours alone to walk, that leads to your fulfilment. 

On this path you need not seek the confirmation of like-minded victims for reassurance of your sense of separation, but you will meet and celebrate with those face to face with the awe and wonder of life, exhilarated by the manifestation of their true essence and expression. To quote another song, Bob Dylan’s Idiot Wind, “I kiss goodbye the wounded beast of the borderline which separated you from me, and now I’m finally free”.

William Whitecloud

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