If you’ve read The Last Shaman by yours truly you will have. But for you stubborn hold-outs who haven’t, an “Outside Event” is something that seemingly randomly and unavoidably “happens” that you perceive you have to deal with as a priority over, and at the expense of, some end result you are in the process of working towards.

Honestly, people are not very aware of this creative sabotage in their lives because they just take their circumstances so much for granted that they allow themselves to be led around by the nose by whatever comes up. But “Outside Events” are the biggest killers of dreams and inhibitors of people living their potential that I have come across in over 25 years as a creative development trainer and coach. And here’s why…and how…

Whether you know it or not, as you go for what really matters to you in life, either consciously or accidentally, your ego, that part of you that doesn’t believe you’re ready to receive what you most deeply desire and care about in life, seeks to sabotage your self actualization. One of the most insidious tricks up your ego’s sleeve is the “Outside Event”…creating an incident or situation that causes you to drop or delay what you’re going for (and I’ve been around, and I know, that delay is very rarely temporary; it’s mostly permanent.)

A favorite device is the sick or dying relative. What could be more important than that, right? But it can be anything…a crisis at work, an unexpected bill, even a seemingly better offer of some kind. And so it always seems that there is something temporarily more important than our dreams.

What makes it especially tricky is that a lot of what we go for in life might not have any semblance of being a big dream. It’s just a holiday, a discretionary activity, a luxury we can live without. Though here’s the thing, we are seldom led to the life of our dreams by a single distinct vision of IT…THE THING. We are led by breadcrumbs…consistently following through on all the things we start. Only by completing what we are called to, rightly or wrongly, do we get clearer on our path…does the bigger picture begin to emerge.

Here’s a very well kept secret of the super successful…completion creates momentum…success is built on momentum. (Though it’s no secret that overnight success takes ten years of work.) Let me warn you in no uncertain terms…WHATEVER COMES UP TO TAKE YOU OFF ANY COURSE YOU HAVE INTENTIONALLY SET OUT ON IS AN ILLUSION created by your ego to prevent you from coming into your own power and escaping its clutches.

If you are ever in this situation, where you are going for something and an “Outside Event” occurs, and you have the courage to keep going and focused on your original intention, you will find an extraordinary gift in that end result, and you will find the “Outside Event” will take care of itself or work out just fine anyway. As long as you buy into “Outside Events”, circumstances attracted by your egoic belief system will dominate your life. But you can break that cycle and become the predominant creative force in your own life, which means life can become what you design it to be, how you would love it to be.

You can talk about greatness, empowerment, creative mastery, living your bliss and all that all you want, but, as the 7th secret of magic states, it takes will.




William Whitecloud

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