It’s very interesting that of all the attitudes and values espoused in personal and spiritual development and healing modalities, such as forgiveness and gratitude and vulnerability, you don’t hear much at all about the highest and most powerful value of all…TRUTH.

Personal truth is the fact and reality of what is in the highest good…of ourselves and all that we are part of. It is our alignment to what will express and fulfil our authentic natures to the highest degree.

The ability to know and follow your truth not only defines personal integrity, it is also the basis of your creative power. And yet you don’t hear much about TRUTH. 

You hear far out theories about quantum physics, attitudes of gratitude, getting in state, being in the moment, and every other whoopy-do concept, all of which need not, and do not automatically lead one to know and follow personal truth.

Because that kind of TRUTH is confronting. It creates tension. It can lead to emotional instability. Which fly in the face of almost everyone’s true values (no matter what they say) which are conflict avoidance and emotional stability.

Personal truth disrupts the convenient compromises and co-dependent ties we have established, it individuates us from the herd, it compels us to fly in the face of our inadequacies, start out on or face what we don’t feel big enough for. Yet nevertheless, our personal truth is our alignment to what will express and fulfil us to the highest degree. It should be our highest value, our guiding principle, our holy grail. And at Natural Success it is. 

William Whitecloud

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