Here’s the brutal truth: A vision of what you want won’t by itself lead to you having it.And here’s why: End Results, positive or negative, are determined by the action taken towards them. 

As an example, a study of negative patterns in people’s lives, like tragic relationships or financial hardship, say, are not a result of anything mysteriously “attracted”, but of actual actions taken by the person suffering the repeated circumstances. Conversely, where anyone succeeds, they take different actions than those that cause them to fail. 

Without doubt, being clear on what we are creating and holding a vision of the end result in question helps us in being creatively positioned in respect to that outcome. Yet what most people don’t appreciate is that our self-conscious focus triggers a competing unconscious focus. 

The very act of aiming for what we love, engages an unseen agenda of avoiding what we fear. That unconscious agenda promotes dysfunctional behaviour that leads to us sabotaging our creations in life. And unless we are aware of that behaviour, and use our will to counter it, then we can never be masterful creators. In fact, all the visualizing and affirming we do will only steep us further in our dysfunctional patterns, as hundreds and hundreds of people I talk to can attest. 

Just the other day someone said to me very casually, “Yeah, I know I’m not good with assertiveness.” I thought to myself, this person says that in the same way they state a food preference. They don’t realize that tendency actually results in an action: avoiding standing up for themselves, the opposite action of which would be to stand up for themselves. Those two actions lead to entirely different results.

The true art of Manifestation is not merely a function of knowing what you want and making a wish. Even more importantly it involves knowing yourself at the level of dysfunctional behaviour. And changing that.

William Whitecloud

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