Natural Success
Coaching Accreditation

The Natural Success Accreditation is not based on simply having done the curriculum and being or defining oneself as a coach.

At the current moment, we are no longer accepting new applications.

The new contemporary Natural Success accreditation is awarded based on the criteria below:

Accreditation Criteria
for Coaches

  1. You’re trained in the whole curriculum.
  2. You’ve been coaching clients for over a year.
  3. That you are currently coached by a Natural Success coach yourself, and have been coached for over a year.
  4. That you predominantly coach using the Natural Success work and methods.
  5. That you have an established client base at the time of being accredited or renewing accreditation (10 full-time clients minimum).
  6. That you are recommended by your clients and are known and generally have a good reputation within our community.
  7. That you are an involved member of our community and are an active member of Creators Academy.
  8. That you do at least one Natural Success advanced event a year to remain current with the energy of the work, and at least one Mastery training every 2 years.  


Accreditation is free and conferred only by fulfilling, to our satisfaction, the above criteria.

It is not permanent, but expires and is renewed annually upon application and can be revoked by Natural Success should an accredited coach fail to meet our standards or criteria. 

Disclaimer: Accredited Coaches are not employees of Natural Success and that Natural Success will not be held responsible for any damages that could arise from engaging or working with said coaches. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email support@naturalsuccess.io.