Code of Conduct

Values are the foundation and determine our outcomes in life. To be a part of this incredible community, it is crucial for anyone who joins Natural Success to embody our Code of Conduct in order that we can all fully serve our genius through our participation.

The Natural Success values embody the main premises that are taught in the curriculum. Our premise is that by embodying the values, our community members determine their own outcomes and experiences. 

The Code of Conduct includes the Natural Success Values and Copyright Guidelines. 

Natural Success Values 


Is not about your truth, but The Truth overall. 

Natural Success methodology is based on Alchemy,  Superconsciousness and Structural Creativity, hence the Truth is coming from the Source, from the Higher Awareness, not the conditioned egoic perception of reality. 


This is not about you, you are here for everybody else.

Serving is not personal, it is about serving others from a higher and superconscious place. 

The energy you will receive from being of service is dependent on what energy you give, it is dependent on how you serve others and yourself.

In the Natural Success community we aim to serve ourselves and others in the highest way possible, by connecting to and honoring Truth,  we recognise we are here to pursue our highest potential in service of an end result that is bigger than us.


Your Focus Creates Reality and as Creators we work to identify our true focus.

The key is to stay focused on The End Result, not the conflict or resolving your identity. 

Powerful creation is dependent on the Truth, which means where are you truly in life and where are you going.

Having that awareness- where you are coming from, is crucial to create desired end results. 


We create it all therefore what you experience during your participation with Natural Success, is your responsibility. 

Always remember what you want to experience and what you want to get out of this? 


Creative Mastery cannot progress if we are not in a safe environment where we can express our truth. 

This Value is incredibly important and fundamental to allow us to experience Superconsciousness. 

Whatever happens during your journey with Natural Success stays private and secure within the boundaries of the Community. 


Natural Success Copyright Guidelines

This is a set of guidelines for our community of coaches and facilitators who also use the premises of Natural Success in their businesses.

In order to protect the integrity of the work and avoid confusion, these guidelines have been created to clarify where the Natural Success brand and course names can be used.