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Making a MILLION DOLLARS or more from a book is pleasing in itself. But it means much more than money in the bank. It means that you wrote something inspirational, something that was brilliantly expressed, something that enthralled readers with the originality of your content and style, something that touched your audience so profoundly that they were compelled to recommend your work most highly, something that makes you a true authority in your field.

If you’re like 99.99% of aspiring writers then you haven’t yet written that Million Dollar Book. You’re going to be holding on to some great wisdom, or have an amazing story to tell, or feel the yearning to express yourself through writing, but none of that will ever be communicated with the Genius that you’re capable of and you may never get around to actually writing anything, or finishing.

If you do, you will control yourself to produce something contained within the safe limits of what you believe about writing. And if current trends are anything to go by, you’ll rely more on marketing formulas than brilliant writing to get your message out there. Like hundreds of thousands of writers every year, you could spend a lot of time, money and energy to end up unheard of and unread.

Let me assure you from my own personal experience as a Million Dollar Author and a Creative Development Trainer with twenty five years experience, anyone can write a Million Dollar Book, as long as they understand 3 key things:
1. The elements that combine to make spellbinding writing
2. That those elements will only be achieved by letting go of reliance on rational competencies and your egoic limitations
3. Trusting your Personal Genius and letting go of copying other successful Authors

Join me at Meet Your Writing Genius and discover what it really takes to write inspired works that really grab an audience.

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