Soul Safari

An Odyssey into Africa

This is a 12 day odyssey into some of the most spectacular scenery, tribal heritage and wildlife reserves in Africa. What makes it so special is that you will be traveling with William back to the world in which he grew up. You won’t be a tourist, but will enjoy the rare privilege of being looked after by old friends every step of the way, and often accessing areas and doing things unavailable to the public.

Parallel to your physical adventure, William will also be leading you through a profound transformational process based on the essential elements of the work he has been refining for the last 30 years. Not only will this inner awakening enable you to experience the wonders of Africa through your heart, it will equip you with a permanent ability to live life more joyfully and masterfully. Your life will be changed forever.

Watch this short film created by Miss World Australia, Caroline Pemberton, and the video below by Geoff and Bessie Barker, all of whom attended this adventure: