Alchemy For Success

5 Day Advanced Training

Alchemy For Success is a 5 day advanced training in the art of a Super Conscious Life Orientation. Based on a deep understanding of the essential principles of Alchemy, it provides a model for consistently transcending Ego based thinking and behavior, and operating from a geniusly inspired level of awareness. This training provides the advanced consciousness and self-awareness involved in High Level Creative Function.

Training Themes include:

  • Alchemical Principles and Techniques for High Level Creative Function.
  • Advanced Intuition.
  • Creative Synergy.
  • Advanced Communication.
  • Introduction To Macro Structural Patterning (identifying creative blocks and limitations).
  • Enneagram Personality Typing.
  • Shadow and Dark Side Neutralization.
  • Creative Follow Through (using the emotion of true end results).

Alchemy For Success is available to anyone who has already completed the Create Your Destiny 5 day training.

If you qualify and wish to attend please contact Helpdesk at support@naturalsuccess.io