Everywhere I go in the US, it seems, everyone is talking about money,

and rhetorically asking what the hell they have to do to get some.

Well, that kind of desperate focus is a sure way to repel the stuff, I assure you!

When it comes to being set financially it helps to get a little more creative than worrying and trying hard.

Here are some tips from our Secrets of Natural Success philosophy on getting set to open a flow of abundance in your life.



In a hundred radio shows I’ve done, caller after caller says to me: “I’m the same as everybody else, I’m trying to get a job. I’m doing what I’ve been taught. I’m imagining the end result, and I’m feeling the feeling of having that job. But nothing is happening.”

There are a few assumptions in these statements that reveal a lot about the true focus of those sharing them. One is that they’re “the same as EVERYONE”…NO ONE can get a job! Wrong, 10% of people don’t have a job (which isn’t even the same as saying they can’t get a job.)

But here’s the doozy, the assumption that the power is outside of me, specifically in my circumstances. I rely on something that someone else has to provide. When they’re providing, I have; when they’re not providing, I have not.

Everyone seems to have learned that your focus creates your reality, so everyone thinks that by wishing for a job they should automatically have financial security. What they haven’t been taught is that our underlying assumptions reveal what our true focus is.

The statements I offer in the paragraph above reveal that the underlying assumptions are that I am powerless,

i.e. “I rely on what is outside of me for my viability, when it’s bad out there it’s bad for me.”

And more insidious, “There are no jobs out there. I’m the same as EVERYONE, NO ONE can get a job!”

Those are the unconscious messages, the true focus, what the caller is really telling me and, worse, them self. No doubt if they uttered a few more sentences they would reveal more negative assumptions.


If we mean to be powerful creators in our lives we have to begin assuming that the power is in us, that we have the power to attract our own viability, our own abundance.

As such, we have to stop thinking about HOW we will get what we want and start Thinking about WHAT we want. People don’t want a job! Most people hate their jobs, anyway. We want to be able to thrive in life. That is WHAT we want! And that is what we have to start focusing on.

When we start focusing on the real end result we give our subconscious a whole new message: we are powerful; the possibility of us thriving is unlimited, not dependent on some negative condition.

Now our imagination is freed up to find pathways to us having what we love, and finding that in accordance with what suits our own unique talents and natures. This sets up inspiration, not desperation.

As we teach in our Natural Success trainings, inspiration is the prime mover of manifestation.

And it’s something that can be self consciously set up when you stop assuming that you don’t have your end result in you. And open up to receiving what you love in different ways than you think is THE way.

Open up to this insight and your next year will turn out to be your Year of Abundance!! Guaranteed.

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