What if you could blow your savings and end up with more than you ever had before??

That’s how I’ve always done it!!

There are always themes to our Natural Success coaching sessions.

There are times when everyone who comes to me wants to be a musician, or I deal with a batch of people who are going through relationship crisis.

How it works I don’t know. but that’s how it goes for me.

At the moment it’s people who are afraid that all they have to fall back on are their savings, and that once they’ve gone through those they’ll be left with nothing.

They’ve come to the perfect person, because I’ve been left with nothing many times in my life (not for a long time now, mind you) and each time I’ve come to nothing, I’ve always gone on to create more than I ever had before. So my gleeful advice to my panicked clients is, “blow your savings and be rich.”

Now just before you do something foolish and then sue me for bad financial advice, I am not giving anyone a green light to start blowing money indiscriminately.

There is a large body of conventional wisdom that holds that it takes having money to make money. And it is true, money can make money, even though it can also lose money (In Australia there was a joke: how do you make a small fortune? – give Alan Bond a large one). That’s what capitalism is about, and if you’re a capitalist, money in the form of cash or equity is a vital asset.

But here’s the thing. There is a passage in the Bible that has been enshrined in science because of its observable validity. Behavioral scientists call it the Matthew Effect which refers to the biblical verse that goes: “To those that have, more shall be given; but to those who have not, even the little they have shall be taken away.” Ouch, but true!

There’s no way out of it, no middle ground, even.

You live your life as either a have or a have not. Clinging to your savings as if there is nothing else for you in life makes you a have not.

Just as squandering money carelessly and in an undirected fashion makes you that, too.

I have known people who willfully blew their last dollars as a conscious act of faith, believing…or hoping…that their trust would be rewarded by the Universe with a financial windfall. Nothing happened for them other than they just got deeper in shit. But that is because what they did was not an act of love, but actually an act of desperation, relying on superstition to sustain them.

There is no true law of compensation for wasting energy, let me assure you.

But that’s different than knowing what you love and acting in favor of that. Love is our higher, endless source of energy. When we follow our bliss we are always abundantly looked after. Not half heartedly, not with a toe in it and the rest of us out of it, not at arms length, but I’m talking fully, wholey committed…no contingency plan, no back up.

When we don’t even know how, only what. Then we are in the territory of our natural ability, our individual genius, relying on what is within us to make ends meet.

To be a ‘have’ is not the same as having things, though you will likely end up with lots of them. It’s the conscious or even unconscious awareness that the power to be viable, to have life be as we would love, resides in us.

In every case, the clients who are afraid of tapping their savings all have dreams, ambitions of what they would love to create.

So I say to them, “Back yourself with your savings, invest in your self, or more specifically, in your heart. You might go through your savings but you’ll end up with what you love. AND with an unlimited source of wealth – access to your own creative spirit.”

Personally, I would rather have nothing than live a miserly life. Ever since I’ve had that attitude I seem to have done quite well for myself.  

That is the Natural Success way.


  • Written by William Whitecloud, Founder of Natural Success