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  • Superconscious Intuition and Create Your Destiny – Time Limited Friends & Family Offer
  • Accredited Coaches – Congratulations
  • The Belief Series – I’m Not Allowed to Be Capable

Superconscious and Create Your Destiny

Making 1 million magicians…

This is a chance not to be missed! Every year we get a lot of customers contacting us regretting that they missed the Friends & Family offer. So, here is your opportunity to get on the Waiting List to sign up for Superconscious Intuition for FREE, and Create Your Destiny (affectionately known as CYD in our community) for only US $9.70. CYD, by now, is a world-famous course that delivers not just promises but also phenomenal results.


Soon we will open registration to join Superconscious Intuition & Create Your Destiny (it’s crucial to complete both components of the course to get the most out of it). If you share this link with family and friends, soon they will receive an offer to join CYD for US $9.70 (vs the full price of $97).

This offer will expire on 5th February.

*Please note, you must be on the Waiting List to be emailed the offer once we open the registration.

If you’re unfamiliar with Superconscious Intuition & Create Your Destiny – many call it the best and last personal development course you’ll ever need to take and a second chance in life.

Yes, you got that right – it’s the end of all self-development courses. No more searching for something that works, no more wondering why after investing a lot of money in yet another programme, you feel like not much has shifted.

We don’t try to fix you or teach you formulas for coping with life; we teach creative premises and principles, which if followed and applied, will create lasting change and abundant rewards in all areas of your life.

The question is – are you ready? Come along and bring your friends – it’s more fun doing it together.

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️


Accredited Coaches

Huge congratulations to our newly accredited coaches. Well done in achieving this prized distinction, and thank you for your hard work, commitment to mastering alchemy, and dedication to powerfully serving your clients in living their highest potential.

Natural Success accreditation is not bought, but conferred freely on those who meet our strict criteria in terms of training and proven ability. These coaches not only meet our standards, but are also well known and respected within the community, are coached themselves, and mainly work with our creative methodology.❤️

You can learn more about our accredited coaches here:


The Belief Series – I’m Not Allowed to Be Capable

If you are familiar with my work, you will be aware that we all have unconscious beliefs; I covered a number of beliefs in the previous Newsletters and will address the remaining unconscious beliefs in the subsequent Newsletters.

The twelve Fundamental Belief Systems are shared by human beings in every culture and civilisation on the planet. By “fundamental”, I mean that no matter what diversity of form a Belief takes, it can be reduced down to one of twelve essential Beliefs.

Each belief seeks to compensate for its own sense of limitation, causing dysfunctional strategies and behaviours. Once you are awakened to their existence, you become more sensitive to their insinuations. This helps you hear the creatively low-level rubbish your Unconscious is trying to convince you of, and what is behind the limited, unwanted dynamics you have been creating in your life.

“I’m Not Allowed To Be Capable”

Seeking: Freedom to do/have what one really wants

While you may experience this belief as “I’m not capable,” in fact, more accurately, you don’t believe you’re allowed to be.


  • Setting up things so that you can act incapable.
  • Raising the goal posts before reaching them.
  • Underachieving compared to your real capabilities. Appearing less capable than you really are.
  • Avoiding situations where capabilities will or might be tested.
  • Having lots of “coulds”—could do this or could do that, but never sure. Spinning wheels going nowhere.
  • Constantly preparing and very process orientated, but don’t actually get anything done. Always finding inessential activities to waste your time on.
  • Struggling with direction.
  • Lacking commitment.

Thank you for being a part of the world’s #1 Creative Orientation community…. Keep in touch and know that we love you! ❤

Love and magic, 

William Whitecloud

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