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  • The Unconscious Belief Series – ‘I Don’t Have the Capacity’

Superconscious and Create Your Destiny News

Focus creates reality. But you are not always focused on what you think you are focused on. To give you an example, you may think you’re focused on finding love or making more money, but unconsciously your attention may be on the very opposite of what you want, especially if what is motivating you is loneliness or financial insecurity. As they say, what you resist persists.

The human psyche is fascinating, and we, in fact, are walking creating machines… So, if you’d like to learn how to change your focus and manifest true heart desires, take a 2nd chance in life and join the Superconscious Intuition waiting list below.
Over 20,000 people worldwide have witnessed the course’s power and magic and used it to create what they previously thought impossible.


Superconscious Intuition & Create Your Destiny (CYD) will kick off on 20th September in the UK/Europe and on the 24th in Australia/New Zealand. ?

The retail price for Superconscious and CYD components is US $2,970. If any of your friends and family join right now through the waitlist link below, they will get the special “friends of William Whitecloud” CYD price of only $9.70. Once we open this to the public, this special offer will no longer be available (it expires on 1st August).


And remember to get your friends and family on board, as it’s always more fun to do this course with someone you know! ? ? ?

Accredited Coaches

Huge congratulations to our newly accredited coaches. Thank you for your hard work, willingness to master alchemy, and dedication to powerfully serving your clients in living their highest potential.

Strict criteria must be met to become an accredited Natural Success coach. These coaches have not only met it but are also well known and respected within the community.❤️

You can learn more about our accredited coaches here:


The Belief Series – I Don’t Have the Capacity

If you are familiar with my work, you will be aware that we all have unconscious beliefs; I covered a few beliefs in the previous Newsletters and will address the remaining unconscious beliefs in the subsequent Newsletters.

The twelve Fundamental Belief Systems are shared by human beings in every culture and civilisation on the planet. By “fundamental”, I mean that no matter what diversity of form a Belief takes, it can be reduced down to one of twelve essential Beliefs.

Each belief seeks to compensate for its own sense of limitation, causing dysfunctional strategies and behaviours. Once you are awakened to their existence, you become more sensitive to their insinuations. This helps you hear the creatively low-level rubbish your Unconscious is trying to convince you of, and what is behind the limited, unwanted dynamics you have been creating in your life.

“I Don’t Have the Capacity”

To the untrained eye, this belief can look a lot like I’m Not Enough, because it’s a very active dynamic. The difference is that Capacity does not follow through or endure well. To appreciate Capacity, it helps to understand the origins of the belief, which is mainly Father derived. The individuating child, who wants acknowledgement from the Masculine, knows their father wants something from them but never gets a clue as to exactly what that is. They get neither negative nor positive validation; it’s ambivalent. Consequently, the child is not confident that they have the capacity to create. They’re not sure that they get it, that they have it.

Seeking: Seeking: Scope – “How big is the game?”


  • Gathering resources. If you have Capacity issues, you believe you need to expand your resources to get the job done. You get very excited about outer resources, such as technology, cars, power tools, money, and so forth, and will spend time and energy collecting these, assuming that when you have enough resources you will get what you want.
  • Always assuming and suggesting that you don’t have the capacity, like enough time, for example. You’ll unconsciously arrange things so that you have an enormous amount to do, and thus manifest the belief.
  • Trying to overcome the odds; blitz it before time runs out.
  • Only trying things you already know how to do.
  • Often controlling of physical space and environment.
  • Getting overwhelmed, over-committed, or under-involved.
  • Possibly considering yourself to be not very smart (as mental capacity is a resource) and expressing or feeling that you have missed the point of whatever is going on.
  • This can lead to a dependence on “expert” advice, as you are unable to rely on your own understanding.
  • Part of the Capacity belief is that you don’t “get it” or that you haven’t “got it”—that you don’t understand something or that you don’t have the desirable traits others do.
  • Consequently, the fear of missing out (FOMO) on something great is big with you.
  • This often leads to difficulty with decision-making and a tendency to be very passionate about something one minute and totally bored with it the next.
  • Talking big but not delivering when it comes to the crunch, as delivering something tangible might expose that you haven’t “got it.”
  • Getting confused, bewildered, and unsure.
  • Often becoming afraid of other people finding out that you lack resources—so you’ll put on a big front (you can often be very charming) but hold people at a distance when it comes to real intimacy.

Thank you for being a part of the world’s #1 Creative Orientation community…. Keep in touch and know that we love you! ❤

Love and magic, 

William Whitecloud

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