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Superconscious and Create Your Destiny News

In line with my mission to deliver CYD Online to one million people, earlier this month, we launched Superconscious Intuition in the USA, and are now focusing on the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. So now is a good time to tell your friends and family to bring them on board before the course gets booked out, as we will soon open it to the public.

The first part of the course (Superconscious Intuition) will be free, and the second part (CYD) will only cost $97.

Even though the retail price for both Superconscious and CYD is US $2,970, if you or any of your friends and family join right now through the waitlist link below, you will get the special “friends of William Whitecloud” CYD price of only $9.70. Once we open this to the public, this special offer will no longer be available.

Superconscious & Create Your Destiny will kick off on 20th September in the UK/Europe and on the 24th in Australia/New Zealand. ??


Time to celebrate! ? ??

On our exclusive online membership platform, Creators Academy Advanced (for those who have completed our advanced courses Alchemy for Success and Creative Warrior) we always take time to celebrate our incredible members.

This month we featured one of our amazing Natural Success accredited coaches, Miranda Marriott. She’s a beautiful magician, full of high vibes and wisdom and an involved member of our community! I thought it would be nice to share her inspiring story here as well. ❤️

Miranda’s Story

Before I stumbled across this miraculous and magical work – I had spent 8 years at university studying psychology and 15 years of my life post-school, frantically working as hard as I possibly could in the coaching space, to heal myself and create the life I always wanted. I invested $400,000 into my own personal development and worked with over 40 different coaches and programs in an attempt to fix myself.

But where all that led me to, at the age of 30, was a sudden and traumatic end to my 10-year relationship with my husband when I was 6 months pregnant. I was on maternity leave from my job, I was meant to be going full-time in my coaching business, but I was suicidal and deeply depressed because every part of my life, and what I hung my worth on, collapsed in an instant.

While I was a struggling single Mum, someone in quite miraculous circumstances referred me to William’s Create Your Destiny program. My life was forever changed after I made the decision to take the course.

I was finally released from the incessant and desperate search to fix and heal myself, after a lifetime of attempting to improve myself by trying to make myself worthy, lovable and good enough. The long battle was finally over. I felt freedom unlike ever before. I understood in a deep way why all my effort and energy was to no avail and how to shift it structurally to create the life of my dreams.

I went from struggling in business for 3 years, trying to make money so I could spend time with my son whilst doing what I loved, to building $20,000, $40,000, $100,000 and $200,000 months, whilst still being a single mum and working 10-hour weeks. I created work that was so aligned to my soul’s nature and purpose, and deeply impactful and effortless, especially compared to how I had lived and worked before.

I feel vibrant, alive, content and…whole, to put it simply! I have an ever-present love that surrounds me in an abundance of relationships, after a lifetime of struggling with being a tragic romantic and feeling like I never quite belonged. Every inch of my life has changed. I am forever grateful in every ounce of my being for William, my one-on-one work with him and his Natural Success curriculum.

Miranda’s journey is just one of many examples we have of what happens when anyone chooses to live their life guided by intuition, which is our definition of magic.

Remember, if you want to gift a 2nd chance in life to your friends and family, they can join the Waiting List for Superconscious here:


Make sure to get them on board before my special offer expires.

What I have been up to lately…

Thanks to my good friend Warren Lance for getting me out on a fishing break in Florida.

Since the pandemic struck in March 2020, I’ve had about 5 days off for Christmas in 2020 and just 2 or 3 weekends of no work. Other than that, and having Covid this last Christmas, I’ve been flat out every single day coaching my Razors Edge clients, running my Natural Success programs in over 60 countries around the world, and scaling my business to offer my rocking creative development modality to a hugely expanded audience.

And now it’s good to remember again that there’s a planet of amazing, ever waiting to be enjoyed. Can’t wait to get back on the Soul Safaris in Africa next year. ?

The Belief Series – I’m Insignificant/Invisible

If you are familiar with my work, you will be aware that we all have unconscious beliefs; I covered a few beliefs in the previous Newsletters and will address the remaining unconscious beliefs in the subsequent Newsletters.

The twelve Fundamental Belief Systems are shared by human beings in every culture and civilisation on the planet. By “fundamental”, I mean that no matter what diversity of form a Belief takes, it can be reduced down to one of twelve essential Beliefs.

Each belief seeks to compensate for its own sense of limitation, causing dysfunctional strategies and behaviours. Once you are awakened to their existence, you become more sensitive to their insinuations. This helps you hear the creatively low-level rubbish your Unconscious is trying to convince you of, and what is behind the limited, unwanted dynamics you have been creating in your life.

“I’m Insignificant/Invisible” ((a variation/strategy of Trust)

Seeking: Viability (sense of future), survival, safety, avoidance of violation
As with Trust, Insignificant/Invisible does not feel safe, but specifically because of the person’s feeling that others literally can’t see them.


  • Detaching.
  • Never speaking up or asking for what you want.
  • And all the same characteristics of Trust
  • Cheating, being dishonest—often by not saying what you think rather than lying, because expressing your intentions directly may get you hurt.
  • Unconsciously setting up others to fail and then feeling betrayed. This is a pre-emptive strike. It fulfils the assumption that others will fail you and gives you a reason to keep your heart closed.
  • Not allowing others to help you feel safe. Trying to go it alone. You will often feel misunderstood—“In order to survive, I have to be separate.”
  • Being very careful. Always seeking safety before taking action. “If I open my heart, I’ll die.”
  • Setting up a lot of tests for people and things. Because the tests involve sabotage, this will often destroy what you want.
  • Looking for trustworthy symbols—authority, mentor, teacher, etc. Once found, you will test them to find out why or where they are untrustworthy.
  • Demanding guarantees and making rules, all designed to create predictability and safety.
  • Getting into situations not worthy of commitment. For example, a bad relationship or hanging around with the wrong crowd.
  • Commitment equates to entrapment and is akin to death. Probably why you are always late!
  • Making plans or creating expectations involving others without telling them. If the other person doesn’t come through, you feel ripped off and cheated.
  • Feeling unseen, unrecognized, under-valued, violated, betrayed, ripped off.
  • Often people with trust issues are open about it— “You can’t trust people, you know.”

Thank you for being a part of the world’s #1 Creative Orientation community…. Keep in touch and know that we love you! ❤

Love and magic, 

William Whitecloud

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