The most powerful way of looking at any problem is by first establishing what you want.

Society does not train its members in that skill very well…at all. You can tell people’s relationship to unwanted situations just by how they talk about them. Most of the time they are just focused on the conditions that preclude them from having what they’d love, including whose fault it is (mostly not theirs).

Remember, your mind wants to defend your identity by establishing that it’s not your fault, that you are a victim of circumstance. So it’s going to be preoccupied with finding evidence of your powerlessness in the face of a situation. The more you use your rational mind to figure out a solution, the more intractable the problem will appear. Very often to the point that you forget what you wanted in the first place.

When you put your attention on the end result (and even better, assume you have the power to manifest it) then your Natural Ability comes into play and starts making connections that haven’t been made before. Your creativity kicks in and the inspirations and resources to achieve the desired outcome begin falling into place.

Powerful creators do take circumstances into account, but they don’t agonize over them. They quickly establish what they want and give that the power.

William Whitecloud

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