The other day I watched a clip of one of the world’s leading personal development gurus expounding the so called 3 steps of high achievement: Want, Clarity of the End Result and Intense, Unrelenting Focus on the End Result. 

This is a formula for forcing results in life, and consequently struggle. Why? Because there is no discernment about the want. 

Very typically people will tend to want what they feel incomplete about. For example, people will often choose wealth from a standpoint of financial insecurity. 

Neither they nor their personal development trainers or coaches appreciate that subconsciously the power, or the energy, resides in their insecurity, their lack…which is essentially what they are resisting…and ironically what they are intensely focused on! And everyone knows that your focus creates your reality. 

Alchemy on the other hand is a model that enables us to rise above our compensating tendencies so that we can orientate from wholeness and aspire to end results born of our power, that are related to what really matters to us…which, consequently, we flow towards with more ease and grace. 

So, Alchemy starts with love rather than want. And you don’t need absolute clarity because your Creative Spirit is not mechanical by nature and knows more about your heart’s desire and the process to manifest it than your rational, self-conscious mind does. 

So really relative, non-absolute vision is the second step, and receiving is the third, where the vision clarifies itself as we go along and obvious action occurs to us. 

Turkey or Eagle, the choice is yours.


William Whitecloud

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