Let me get straight to the point here. As we teach in our Natural Success trainings, the most overlooked aspect of being a powerful creator is also the very thing that will lead you to the most brilliant end results in life, outcomes so great they are beyond anything you could have imagined. Quite simply, I’m talking about character.

I’m very grateful to the late great author Herman Hesse for concentrating on this theme so heavily in his books. And what I mean by character is the adherence to a set of self consciously formulated values. 

A regular trawl through your Facebook news feed will give you a good snapshot of what the collective consciousness assumes it’s all about and how we should be going about fulfilling whatever it’s supposedly about.

There’s the usual suspects consistently agreed upon – forgiveness, gratitude, be in the Now – and a confusion of others, like have goals…or don’t have goals because they are a limitation.

I myself see the truth in almost all the principles that people hold up, even when they conflict. Being in the Now cuts out the Ego’s tendency to resolve your sense of limitation, which neutralizes the projection of your unconscious beliefs on to life.

Forgiveness and gratitude also take you out of a limited, often negative life perspective. Opening the mind allows us to make connections between things and see possibilities we haven’t seen before. We move from being victims of circumstance to being powerful creators wielding the benefit of choice.

But being open minded or open hearted or being at peace with however it is or wherever you are is not the same as transforming your life. It’s not the same as experiencing a whole level of life beyond what your assumptions and expectations have confined you to. To do that you have to subscribe to the value of following your truth.

It’s one thing to come to your heart, another thing all together to follow it.

 Having worked intimately with thousands of people on their creative process before creating Natural Success, I can tell you that many do not appreciate that in the peace they create for themselves there is a calling to be attended to.

And even when they hear that calling, they kid themselves that it is optional or that it can wait till they are more ready. People follow their truth mostly when it is convenient, when it doesn’t confront them too much.

For those without creative character, procrastination and losing oneself in activities inessential to core purpose are acceptable. Not to someone who holds the value of being committed to their truth, though.

Someone with creative character will always know their truth by virtue of being open to it, and they will follow through. And because of that characteristic they will be carried further and further from the confines of their conditioned reality, making an ever greater contribution and receiving ever greater rewards in terms of freedom, joy and abundance, which for others is mostly a cliche.

I know this so well from my own experience. A calling to come to America made so little sense to me, and even less to my wife and kids.

All we could see was that we were trading a perfectly good life for one of alienation and dubious prospects. It’s not a move we had to make. We were doing great, thank you. We could have done it later or told ourselves we were happy where we were. But it was our truth. So we moved to Los Angeles, the most soulless place in the world according to those colluding in our dread of leaving Byron Bay, Australia.

Only once we got here did it make sense. Only by being here did we see how receptive this country is to my work, how much they love my books.

We could not have foreseen the great contacts I have made and the great projects I am embarking on. Nor that overnight, as a result of coming to the US, opportunities around the whole world would be opened up and that I would receive offers to work with some of the most amazing people in my field.

It’s incredible to think that I have created Natural Success, that I’m now on the Evolutionary Business Council and that I have been invited to speak at the UN in October at the People of Distinction’s Humanitarian awards. And we are very pleasantly surprised to find LA does have a soul.

Some people call this way of life magic because it seems as though we created something out of nothing. Maybe some times that’s true. Mostly, though, we are just lead to something we couldn’t see rationally.

And until you adopt the value of heading the call of the non rational you wont be lead to much more than you’ve always known.


  • Written by William Whitecloud, Founder of Natural Success

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