I’ve decided to give up everything I’m doing! That’s the sensational opening to a Facebook post I made a few years back. And I went on to say… 

Yes, that’s right, letting go of the lot. And here’s why…Did you know that on average, among the world’s top companies, CEO’s on average only last 3 years before they’re asked to make way for someone else?? It’s not because they’re no good, fact is they move on to an equally good, if not better job.

It’s just that the fresh perspective that served the corporation in the first few years of their tenure is irrelevant to the changing landscape of the business environment they’re involved in. And the perspective the CEO used to make the business happen in those few years is no longer relevant to the new reality. 

The problem is that few people, in spite of their high intelligence, post graduate training and vast experience, have the power to see reality for what it is…rather than what it used to be!! That is the talent of the Bransons and the Jobses, they not only keep up, but they stay ahead of the curve. Because they have the ability to embrace the NEW.

To embrace the NEW you have to have the ability to continually let go of the OLD.

For myself, I have come to see that I’m too stuck in old strategies, past ideas of what I’m doing and how I should be doing it. I’ve got too many suggestions rattling around in my head. I’ve subconsciously soaked up too many ideologies and theories and I’m too distracted by how everyone else is doing it. When I’m present to my own state of consciousness I feel strangled.

That’s why I’m letting go of everything…old loves, alliances, places, thinking, ways, directions, purposes. So I can be relevant again to what is here now. 

That is when life is at its simplest, richest and most rewarding, I concluded.

And so how did that work out for me? Very well, I must say. From there it occurred to me exactly what I wanted to be doing and how I wanted to do it. And though it flew in the face of all the assumptions I had about what worked, especially in my business, I ended up creating the most rewarding and abundant version of my life to date. 

William Whitecloud

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