Alchemy is a process whereby lead is turned into gold with the agency of a substance known as The Philosophers’ Stone, which the initiated understand to be the Imagination (a stone that cannot be touched…a fire that cannot burn.) Throughout history the Imagination has been revered as the secret power behind the reality we perceive and the experience we manifest.

Imagination is everything. As you engage life, a part of you seeks orientation…you want to understand how you’re positioned in any situation and how you should respond. You orientate by imagining your past and projecting that experience onto life, and then responding as if that projection is a true reflection of current reality. And by identifying with your projection you just keep reliving your past. Focus creates reality.

Grace is the principle that says the past is over. You can use your Imagination to make up something new, something born outside of your past, outside of your beliefs. If you adopt this as your life premise you will create an amazing transformation. You can make up new outcomes in your life, new end results. And if you focus on end results all the way through the process of going for them, you will inevitably manifest them.

William Whitecloud

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