Within our consciousness exists simultaneously a mortal, wounded and limited nature, as well as an infinite, whole, undented and purely creative nature.

When we stand in our mortal nature we experience life in line with our wounds and our limitations. Life is all about dealing and coping with that. And it’s hard to argue with someone about their experience of suffering and limitation, because the proof of their beliefs are abundantly manifest. A wise man once told me, anyone can prove their beliefs because, as long as we are identified with them, our beliefs create our reality.

Yet when we stand in our infinite nature – which we can do – the mortal perception we have of ourselves, others and the world becomes irrelevant. We find that we and others are powerful, that there is no need to fix ourselves, that we are whole and in no way separate or diminished. In this dimension of Self possibility abounds…our completeness and connection to what we love is plainly evident.

People cling tightly to their mortal identity because they fear that in surrendering it they will lose the armour that keeps them safe, that gives them control. They don’t believe there’s something more to them, that there’s something more to life. They are, as Dante put it, too fixed to their fears and desires.

I’m not here to convince anyone of their light, but I thank the stars that I have awareness of these two sides of my Self, and that I have the freedom, and choice, to stand increasingly in my creative self and enjoy the rapture of existing and creating from that side of my Self. And that I can share that with wonderful, open hearted Geniuses on the same path.


William Whitecloud

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