My mentor used to say something that I have come to recognize as a profound truth: everyone can prove what they believe, because belief creates reality and so everyone points to the reality of their experience as irrefutable evidence of their position. 

But there are higher principles that we can live by than our personal beliefs. A guiding principle that I have adopted that overrides my own assumptions is that it is not what I do in life that makes a difference in the world, but the energy with which I do it. 

Am I coming from a sense of love and power or fear and powerlessness?? Am I the creator of my reality or the victim?? 

My stance affects my experience and the energy I lend to the collective consciousness. At the end of the day we are all connected. Whatever I see “out there” is a reflection of me, too…the good and the bad. So I must take responsibility and work on myself first. 

As Yeats said, there are 2 kinds of people: those that battle themselves, and those that battle their circumstances. 

William Whitecloud

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