A very sure sign that your perception is egoically distorted is that your view is accompanied by strong emotions.

Thoughts and feelings are not a reflection of objective reality, they express our unconscious beliefs and assumptions.

You might argue, and your enablers might agree, that you are just passionate about the subject at hand, as if that’s an admirable quality.

Passion, as it is defined in the dictionary, means a strong and barely controllable emotion. Passion derives from suffering, as in the passion of Christ.


So while you might think of your outrage or anxiety or indignation or whatever as being virtuous in some way, it is actually a reflection of your unconscious pain.

All cultures and civilizations, ancient and modern, have acknowledged that we humans bear psychological wounds whose lens we see the world through.

Your strong and barely controllable emotions, that agitate and excite you, that get you jumping up and down and draw you into conflict with others, are not, as you suppose your right mindedness, but really an expression of your unconscious pain.

The childish thing to do with inner conflict is to allow yourself to be driven by it, to go along with it and have your perception and actions be informed by it.

The adult, initiated, masterful relationship to conflict is to treat it as a tool for self awareness. If you stop and listen for once, it isn’t difficult to hear what your emotions are telling you.

First thing you’ll notice is that what they’re telling you is about you and not about anything outside of you. That you aren’t viable or good enough or worthy or capable or significant or relevant and so on.

Then you’ll notice what they are telling you to do in order to compensate for that sense of inadequacy, which often means changing others and the world so that it’s safe for you to exist in your incompleteness.

You can take a lot of power out of your egoic drive when you see it for what it is. Not only that, you can connect with your true passion, what really matters to you, what excites you as a whole person.

I think all of us desire to be involved in the world in such a way that we feel personally fulfilled and make a positive contribution. The foundation for such a life is taking responsibility for where we are truly coming from.

William Whitecloud

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