Most people who attend our Natural Success trainings are surprised to learn that they don’t really live, but instead spend their lives preparing to live.

Those who become graduates of Natural Success live in the creative orientation, they focus on going for what they love rather than running around trying to resolve our sense of incompleteness, they can feel smug about how they are so on track while every one else is so…lost.

And yet we ourselves can be subject to a very limiting concept that holds us back from living and creating directly and powerfully.

I’m talking about our concept of what life is about.

When Robert Fritz, the arch exponent of the creative orientation, said that Joseph Campbell was misguided in saying that life was about following your bliss, my hackles raised in defense of the late great mythologist. How could Fritz question such an unassailable prophet of Universal Truth?

Now I see it, of course. Life is not about the Hero’s Journey, though it is a journey that we will go on, at one level or another, if we begin to live authentically and create what truly matters to us.

And it’s not about Happiness, as I’ve heard His Holiness the Dalai Lama pronounce. Though happiness is a state of being most of us will always prefer to experience, it is not what life is about.

There are many qualities and aspects to life, but to say that any one of them, or any bunch of them, is what life is about is a serious limitation.

 As soon as you say that life is about this or that, you unwittingly direct your subconscious to shut out what does not pertain to the concept you have held up.

If happiness is what it is about, then a grim reality that might serve you to be aware of may not be valid in light of that value.

A vast multitude believe that it’s about putting food on the table. So then nothing but the drudgery of life can occur to them; the inspirations that could add value to their society and environment, and elevate them above the struggle, elude them constantly…without them even knowing it.

The whole thing with ideas like the Hero’s Journey is that we never really feel ready, never feel that we are there yet. We can laugh at the person chasing the ever illusive physical perfection with the next nip or tuck or breast size.

Yet we can be invisibly like that ourselves, waiting for some condition to be right before we are ready to let our essence loose in life.

We can be clearing the next block, uncovering dysfunctional patterns, healing the deeper layer of wounding below the last level of wounding we uncovered, acquiring the next diploma or certificate, or working on mastering whatever “it’s about.”

Meantime our Creative Spirit is standing by ready to manifest glorious end results. It’s already there, undamaged, unaware that there is anything to complete or prepare.

This is what I’m finding with the people that who become students of Natural Success. By putting aside all concepts of how things are and what it’s all supposed to be about, we find that standing there exposed is a burning passion for what seeks to be created NOW, and with it the insights and resources and even behaviors that support its inevitable creation.

Our Natural Success students are shocked at what comes up when they are that open. Often it’s not that they didn’t know the dream was there, it’s just that in light of the distracting theories and notions and concepts, they didn’t get the obvious: the dream is not a dream, it’s the reality…the main game.

In which case there’s nothing left do other than write that book, coach those clients, go into that business, retire to the country, whatever. Life is about whatever is there when you’ve let go of whatever it’s supposed to be about.

When you see what it is with that kind of clarity, there is something so glorious, something so inspiring about the recognition that its manifestation is an inevitable conclusion.

The truth is, what you most want in life is standing by right now, waiting for you to have it.


  • Written by William Whitecloud, Founder of Natural Success

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