The Most Powerful Person in the World

Every year Forbes Magazine lists its most powerful people in the world. Always topping the list are characters like Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump, followed by the usual list of superpower leaders, oil sheiks and world bankers. But Joseph Campbell told a story that revealed what true power is, and...

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Lessons From Traditional Initiation

"First, the being within: that means you are not just a carcass with some grey matter computing the most logical way to survive. There's a spirit inside, a pure creative spirit connected...

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How Far Down the Rabbit Hole?

A while ago I posted this statement:"Every moment you occupy is an experience of a reality you created."It's a line from my book, Secrets Of Natural Success. A few people had some sincere...

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Happiness Hack #1

Want more happiness and growth in your life? Try this... Notice your habitual preoccupations. The things you always pay attention to, and especially the things that trigger you, that you react to,...

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Fatal Misconceptions

No matter how well you can swim, if you’re swimming against the current, or rip as we say in Australia, you’re not going to go anywhere fast. In terms of consciousness there are certain...

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The Wonder of Emotional Power

The average person, sadly, only has a relationship with their identity, and thereby their own sense of limitation. They're identified with their separate, mechanical, chemical nature. And society...

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For Those Who Can Handle the Truth

For those who can handle the truth here it is...You are a being of light. That is the most accurate way of describing who you really are.  Like the light of day you are connected to everything...

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